Shopify File Download Tracker

Introducing our cutting-edge Shopify custom application designed to revolutionize your file tracking experience: Download Tracker.

Are you tired of guessing how many times your files have been downloaded from your website? Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to precise analytics with Download Tracker.

Our advanced application seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, providing you with comprehensive insights into your file downloads like never before.

Key Features:

Real-Time Tracking: With Download Tracker, you can monitor file downloads in real-time. Know exactly how many times your files have been accessed instantly.

Intuitive Dashboard: Our user-friendly dashboard offers a snapshot of your download activity. Easily visualize total downloads, downloads in the last 24 hours, and detailed statistics of downloads per day.

Seamless Integration: Download Tracker Plus seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, ensuring hassle-free setup and operation. Simply install the application and start tracking your downloads effortlessly.

Secure and Reliable: Rest assured that your data is safe and secure with Download Tracker Plus. Our robust infrastructure ensures reliable performance and data protection at all times.


Gain valuable insights: Understand your audience’s behavior and preferences with detailed download analytics.
Improve decision-making: Make informed decisions about your content strategy based on accurate download data.
Optimize performance: Identify trends and patterns to optimize your file offerings and drive engagement.
Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Take control of your file downloads today with Download Tracker Plus. Try it now and experience the power of data-driven decision-making.

Upgrade your Shopify store with File Download Tracker and unlock the potential of your file downloads. Get started today and elevate your business to new heights.

Kindly review the instructional videos detailing the installation and configuration process for the application:

Step 1: Install the application and activate the app extension within the theme, enabling the download tracker to listen to download tracker links.

Step 2: Upload a file and generate a tracked link.

Step 3: Monitor clicks and analyze statistics.”