1. Service Tracker WordPress Plugin (STWP) and Service Tracker Mobile Application (STMA)

The Service Tracker WordPress plugin helps users to communicate with the mobile application.

STWP is a job or service tracking tool meant for the business or organizations who have build websites with WordPress and would like to manage service/works.

After activation of the plugin, you’ll find Services on the WordPress admin screen menu. The services or jobs can be added in the admin. With Service Tracker, you are no longer need to manually manage the jobs assigned to staffs, technicians or workers. This tool allows their employees to add a job or work, link the work to a customer, assign a worker or technician , set a booking time and finally update status on job progress.

2. Track Download Joomla Extension

The Track Download is a component that manages tracking downloads of brochures, documentation, setup files etc (ex: pdf, doc, xls, exe etc) from your web page.